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As the saying goes ‘Content is King.’ I am shocked when I see any company with a nice-looking website, but then as I read their content, it’s poorly written and full of bad grammar and misspelled words. Why did they spend obviously a lot on their website and then fumbled the message? Content writing and web content creation is said to be the lifeblood of today’s marketing, and all of us here at TrustEd Advertising have to enthusiastically agree. 

And here's another question for you--when was the last time you updated or changed your website's content? If it's been more than five years, you're losing out on the many benefits associated with fresh and relevant content. 

There is such a vast amount of readily available content on the web as more and more people have flooded the Internet searching for the answers to their questions. This puts marketers and consumers in an exclusive and commanding position and that is why fresh content is so popular now. 

Create the ideal kind of content that people are searching for in a way that addresses their questions and now you've got a special ongoing relationship that can turn into revenue for your company, regardless of its size or location. 

Content creation created by TrustEd Advertising for the web is relatively low-cost and can be highly effective for a long time by using SEO strategies.  

Look at it like this--traditional advertising is like renting a building--your space is limited, as well as the time and visibility that you want to drive via your message. Content created as part of a well-planned content marketing strategy is more like owning a whole city block full of tall buildings. You went from a landlord to a real estate icon by owning your content’s space online, with a specific message and a way to track and convert your visitors into leads and then customers.

Some of the content formats we find successful and are skilled at creating for our clients:

  • Blog posts, Informational and educational articles are a great way to consistently stay in front of your audience, providing relevant and useful content that addresses all of their interests and questions.
  • Product and services pages, Don’t know how to sell yourself effectively? We’ll craft words, images, and calls-to-actions that help you get the most out of your sales pages, all the while optimizing it to be found by search engines.
  • Video, From a simple talking head to imaginative motion graphics, videos are one of the most potent ways to reach people online.
  • Free guides, case studies and testimonials, One of our favorite pieces of content at Net Business Consulting and Solutions is one that can be a lead-generating piece of content for your company, producing results for months, even many years after publication.

Content is not just there to showcase your product or to describe your service and that's why we do so much more than cut and paste and waste your time. Everything we publish on your behalf is 100% original and/or fully attributed and always relevant to your audience, because it demonstrates that you are the expert in your market and therefore can be valued and trusted.

Content created by TrustEd Advertising is guaranteed to engage, entertain and inform its readers online, so contact us today and we'll show you how.

Website Content Prices and Packages

Pages Description Price
8-10 page Website Re-write/Update $600-$800
3 page Basic Website (Home, About Us and Services) $400


Website Content Samples

Client URL Website
D and K Collision Repair Center Three D Electric
Image Tree Service Maloney Construction, Inc.
Three D Electric Three D Electric
Maloney Construction, Inc. Maloney Construction, Inc.
Mike Auto Body Mike Auto Body
This Great Game This Great Game
Yerba Buena Yerba Buena
USI of North America USI of North America
Siena Bistro Restaurant Siena Bistro Restaurant
General Marble & Granite by Ordaz General Marble & Granite by Ordaz
Jenson Mechanical, Inc. Jensen Mechanical, Inc.
Website Content Creation

Client's Review

I have called upon Ed's services to help us with several of our clients and every time is comes through in a big way. If he tells you a project will be done on a certain date, you can count on it and he isn't afraid to work long hours or weekends to get it done.

Loni Amato, Ingenious Solutions
San Jose, CA