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Blogs are now the new standard for businesses that want to be heard and make an impact and that's why we produce and maintain a wide range of blogs here at TrustEd Advertising. 

Blogging is the voice of the Internet and there are more blogs now than ever. If you have still not tried blogging for your business, you surely are missing out on the numerous SEO benefits of blogging. Custom blog content drives more interest and demand than any online ads you could ever buy. 

In a study conducted by Reuters, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company. Strategically posted and accompanied with lush graphics and an engaging design, your customers will read your blog and enhance your SEO organically. 

When a company has a blog and maintains it with fresh, original content, it shows that they care about their customers and their needs. At TrustEd Advertising, we help create content relevant to your customers' needs with direction and topics you provide. Or in many cases, we are able to find topics for you after learning about your specific needs. 

A blog post can be used time and time again in email newsletters, press releases and across all of your social media channels and networks. Customers may not read your blog every day, but they will follow your company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or subscribe to your e-mail newsletter, all of which contain blog pertinent content you've already created.  

At TrustEd Advertising, we provide the blog posts that businesses need to keep customer engagement high. Here is a brief list of the benefits of having a monthly blog that is updated with fresh content on a regular basis: 

  • Blogging increases SEO, web traffic, and conversions
  • Year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8 times higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers (19.7% vs 2.5%) 
  • With each new blog post, you’re building a destination and resource for your customers. 
  • Each post improves your website’s search relevance and creates an indexable page for search engines and customers to find your business. 
  • Search engines reward businesses creating consistent, original content that customers discover and continue to revisit. 
  • Blogging increases lead generation
  • Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month. 
  • A blog is fundamental to content marketing. Staying relevant and top of mind with fresh content about your industry builds awareness about your company. 
  • Turn visitors to customers by building trust and maintaining a dialogue through your blog. 
  • Visitors become leads when they’re willing to exchange their contact information for valuable information you provide.   
  • As blogging attracts new leads, the care and attention paid to nurturing those opportunities will increase sales. 
  • A blog provides content that automated marketing platforms (or your sales team) can use to help nurture leads and close sales. 

Prices and Blog Packages

Packages Description Price
Gold 5-6 blogs monthly $450
Silver 4 blogs monthly $350
Bronze 2-3 blogs monthly $200

(*) One-time Setup Fee: $150 (Or zero if you already have a blog)


Company Description URL
Mike's Auto Body a big MSO in Nor Cal. We have been doing their blog since 2013 Visit blog
Anderson Behel an independent leading shop in Silicon Valley. We started doing their blog in 2012 Visit blog
Agra Tech, Inc. world's largest commercial greenhouse manufacturers. Since 2012 Visit blog
Benicia Plumbing residential, commercial and industrial plumbing company that publishs weekly blogs to generate more traffic into their website. Visit blog
Image Tree Service tree service company educating clients by creating interesting blog content relevant to their industry Visit blog
Maloney Construction construction company that has improved their SEO with this blog. Visit blog
EH Clean cleaning service company that has sharing cleaning tips with this blog since 2017 Visit blog

Blogs service

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Ed's honesty, enthusiasm and passion are contagious to everyone that he comes into contact with!! I consider it an honor to know Ed but most importantly to have been touched by his kindness!!

Michael Anderson, Owner of CollisionAdvice
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